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      1. 產品資料


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        產品名稱: MS2601B頻譜分析儀
        產品型號: MS2601B
        產品展商: 北京市北科普源電子技術服務中心
        產品文檔: 無相關文檔



        MS2601B頻譜分析儀 ? 的詳細介紹
        特點 MS2601B寬帶頻譜分析儀。使用高精度信號源的合成內部晶振和自動校準,用于高精度頻率和電平測試。另外,MS2601具有許多新功能,例如區域標記和滾動功能,可縮短測試時間。而且,插入式存儲卡(PMCs)為存儲測試條件和波形數據提供了優越的操作性。 技術指標 Model MS2601B Frequency Measurement frequency range 9kHz to 2.2GHz Frequency setting 0 to 2210MHz(stop frequency:≥1kHz) Display resolution 20Hz Setting mode CENTER/SPAN,START/SPAN,START/STOP Set frequency span(stop frequ.-start freq.) to 2 digit value(10 to 98) Frequency display accuracy ±(100Hz+freq.span*2%+displayfreq.*reference freq.accuracy) For CENTER/SPAN or START/SPAN mode,after auto-calibration,provided that freq.span is≥10kHz and sweep timeis ≤100s Frequency span Setting range:1kHz to 2200MHzfor horizontal 10divisions,2-digit(10 to 98)variable,and 0Hz(fixed tuning) 1kHz to 2000MHz,1-2-5 sequence at step keys Readout accuracy:±2%(sweep time≤100s) Resolution Resolution bandwidth:30Hz to1MHz(3dB bandwidth),variable in 1-3 sequence,can be selected manually orautomatically coupled to frequency span Resolution bandwidth accuracy:±20% Selectivity:≤15:1(ratio of 60dB and 3dB bandwidth) Stability Residual FM:≤20Hz p-p/0.1s(frequencyspan; ≤500kHz) Drift:≤300Hz/min(frequency span:≤500kHz, sweep time;≤100s,after 1-hour warm-up at constant ambient temperature) Sideband noise ≤-80dBc(at 100Hz resolutionbandwidth,1Hz video bandwidth,10kHz from signal) Amplitude Reference oscillator Frequency:10Mhz Stabillity Starting characteristic:Within±5*10^-8 (after 20-minite warm-up,referred to frequency after 1-hour warm-uo) Aging rate:Within±2*10^-8/day,≤1*10^-7/ year (referred to frequency after 24-hour warm-uo) Temperature characteristic:Within±5*10^-8(referred to frequency at 25℃ External reference input Frequency:10MHz,Level:2 to 5Vp-p Mark- ers NORMAL Function:Displays frequencyat tunable marker Display accuracy:Same as center frequency display accuracy Delta Function:Displays frequencydifference between reference marker and tunable marker Display accuracy:Same as freqeuncy span display accuracy COUNT Function:Displays received signal frequency at marker Resolution:1Hz,10Hz,100Hz selectable Accuracy:Display frequency*reference freqeuncy accuray±(2 counts or 20Hz, whichever is greater) Measurement range -130 to +20dBm Display Divisions: 8 divisions on vertical axis when top line is reference level and scale is 10dB/div 10 divisions on vertical axis for other scales LOG(refered to reference level): 0 to -70dB(10dB/div),0 to -50dB(5dB/div), 0 to -20dB(2dB/div),0 to -10dB(1dB/div) LIN:10% /div of reference level(cali- brated in voltage.unit:V) Linearity LOG:±0.2dB/0 to -10dB,±0.3dB/0 to -20dB, ±0.5dB/0 to -50dB(resolution bandwidth of 100Hz to 1Mhz),±1dB/0 to -70dB(resolutionbandwidth of 100Hz to 100kHz),after automatic calibration LIN:±3% of reference level(fullscale) Frequency response(20 °to 30℃) ±0.5dB(100kHz to 2.0GHz),±1.5dB(9kHzto 2.2Ghz),input ATT at 20dB Refe- rence level Setting range LOG:+20 to -100dBm(setting resolution0.1dB),2240mV to 2.20μV LIN:2240mV to 70.8μV Acc- uracy ±0.3dB(0 to -50dBm),±0.75dB(+20to-70dBm)after automatic calibration at frequency of 50MHz and fre-quency span≤2Mhz(resolution bandwidth,video bandwidth,sweep time,and input ATT settings at AUTO) Resolution bandwidth swetching deviation ±0.3dB(after automatic calibration Dynamic range Average noise level ≤-120dBm(frequency 1Mhz to 2Ghz)wtih 0 dB input ATT,300Hz resolution bandwidth,1Hz video bandwidth 2nd and 3rd harmonic dist-ortion ≤-75dB(frequency 5 to 800MHz)when 0dB input ATT and -30dBm input level Residual response ≤-100dBm(frequenc ≥500kHz)when0 dB input ATT and 50Ω input termination Marker Normal:Displays the level atsettable marker Delta:Display the difference in levels between the settable marker and the reference marker Noise measurement:Both the power of noise per 1Hz bandwidth(dBm/Hz,dBc/Hz), and the adjacent channel power(dBm/ch,dBc/ch)can be measured. Video bandwidth 1Hz,10Hz,100Hz,1kHz,10kHz,OFF(selected manually or automatically coupled to resolution bandwidth) Level unit dBm,dBμV(emf),dBμV/m LOG/LIN switching loss ≤±1dB(after calibration at room temperature) Quasi-peak detection 6dB bandwidth:200Hz,9kHz 120kHz±30% (at room temperature) Time constants for quasi-peak detection Charge-time constant:500ms(for 6dB bandwidth at 200Hz),160ms(for 6dB bandwidth at 9kHz),or 550ms(for 6dB bandwidth at 120kHz) Display time constant:160ms(for 6dB bandwidth at 200Hz and 9kHz),or 100ms(for 6dB bandwidth at 120kHz) Linearity:±1dB(for -40 to 0dB carrier wave signal,at room temperature) Field strength measurement Antenna correction coefficientsfor correct display and measurement of field strengths(dBμV/m)can be se-lected for certain antennas.Antenna correction coeffi-cients have been stored in memory for the following antennas: MP543A/651A,MP635A/666A,MP414B The user may define and store antenna coefficients(for one antenna)via theGPIB interface. RF input Imped- ance 50Ω,VSWR≤1.5(input ATT;≥10dB, frequency;≥30kHz),N-type connector Maximum input level +25dBm(input ATT;≥10dB),DC:±50V Input ATT Attenuation:0 to 50dB,in 10dBsteps (selected manually or automatically coupled to reference level) Switching accuracy:±1dB(100kHz to 1.5GHz),±2.0dB(9kHz to 2.2Ghz) Sweep Sweep time Setting range: 50ms to 1000s variable in 1-1.5-2-3-5-7 sequence.Range can be selected manuallyor automatically ac-cording to frequency span,resolution bandwidth,and videobandwidth,and video bandwidth.It can also be set from 50ms to Trigger FREE RUN,LINE,VIDEO,SINGLE,EXTTRIGGER Sweep range Normal:Sweeps entire range,Zone marker width setting range:1 to 501 points(odd numbers) Zone sweep:Sweeps range between zone markers,Zone marker width setting range:25 to 501 points(odd numbers) CRT display CRT Six-inch electromagnetic deflection type(green display color) Display items Graticule(grid),waveform data,settingconditions,menu,title Waveform data disp- lay method The display screen uses digitalstorage, 501 points of data for horizontal-axis data,and 2 display channels(A and B): Either channel can be selected for NORMAL,AVERAGE,MAX-HOLD,or MIN-HOLD waveforms,butonly chan-nel A can be used for the CUMULATIVE and OVERWRITE mode of displaying stored data.Channels A and B can be displayed simultaneously. Detection method PEAK,SAMPLE and DIP can be selected. Direct plotting Screen data can be hard-copiedto a plotter or printer via the GPIB interface(RS-232-C interface for option 02) Plotter compatibility:HP-GL or GP-GL compatible Printers:EPSON's VP-870(or compatible models),or Hewlett-Packard's 2225 Automatic calibration ALL CAL:Calibrates all LEVELCAL1, LEVEL CAL 2and FREQ CAL functions LEVEL CAL 1:Calibrates total gain deflection and log linearity LEVEL CAL 2:Calibrates resolution bandwidth,reference level,and LOG/LIN switching deflection FREQ CAL:Calibrates local frequency errors,and the center frequency of the resolution bandwidth QP CAL:Calibrates the on/off weitching error apparent in quasi-peak detection Function memory Internal memory:Save/recall6 setting conditions PMC:Save/recal 12(32KB)or 48(128KB) setting conditions and measurement data External control GPIB(IEEE488,IEC625-1,24 pins):ALl functions except power switch,CRT intensity,PMC control,GPIB address,AM/FM modulator(option 07)and directplotting controlled. Interface:SH1,AH1,T6,L4,SR1,RL1,PP0, DC1,DT1,C0 Auxiliary signal input and output IF output Frequency:3.6MHz,Output level:0dBm± 3dB(at the reference line on the CRT),Connector:BNC-type 50MHz output Frequency:50Mhz,Output level:-2dBm±3dB,Connector:BNC-type X,Yand Zoutputs X-axis output:From 0V(left edge)to 10±1V(right edge),terminated at ≥ 100kΩ,BNC-connector Z-axis output:TTL level(level is low while sweep is in progree),BNC- connector Video output Composite:1Vp-p±0.3V,BNC-connector Separate:8 pins,DIN-connector Probe power supply:+5V±10%,+15V±10%, -15V±10%(each 110mA max.),4-pole connector External trigger input:TTL level(rising edge active),BNC-connector Extel reference signal input:Use 10MHz, 2 to 5Vp-p reference input signal(input impedance:≥2kΩ),BNC-connector Power 50/60Hz,≤145VA(DC operationwith MZ144A Battery Pack or MZ1458 DC/DC Converter) Dimensions and mass 284(W)*177(H)*451(D)mm,≤18.5kg(withoutoptions) Operating temperature range 0°to 50℃ EMC^*3 EN55011:1991,Group 1,ClassA EN50082-1:1992 Anritsu MS2601B General Information Product Description: 9 kHz to 2.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Anritsu MS2601B Performance Characteristics Form Factor Benchtop Input Impedance 50 Ohm Minimum Frequency 9 kHz Maximum Frequency 2.2 GHz Zero Span Yes Minimum Span 1 kHz Maximum Span 2200 MHz Minimum Sweep Time 50 ms Maximum Sweep Time 1000 s Minimum Resolution Bandwidth 30 Hz Maximum Resolution Bandwidth 1 MHz Resolution Bandwidth Steps 1/3/10 Minimum Video Bandwidth 1 Hz Maximum Video Bandwidth 100 kHz Video Bandwidth Steps 1/10/100 Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -80 dBc/Hz Maximum Safe AC Input 25 dBm Maximum DC Input 50 V Maximum Displayed Average Noise -120 dBm Maximum Dynamic Range -75 dB Trigger Source External,Internal Trigger Modes Freerun,TTL 2nd IF Input Connector Type BNC(f) Probe Power No External Frequency Reference 10 MHz Noise Source Driver No Anritsu MS2601B Programmability/Connectivity User Interface Proprietary Ports to Peripheral Devices GPIB Test Pattern Storage 6 Patterns Data Storage Type PCMCIA External Video Out Yes Anritsu MS2601B Life Cycle Data Out of Production Jan-01-2005 Anritsu MS2601B Compliance CE Compliance Not on file UL Compliance Not compliant Anritsu MS2601B Power Requirements Input Power USA (110V/60Hz) Anritsu MS2601B Physical Dimensions Width 284 mm(11.18 in) Height 177 mm(6.96 in) Length 451 mm(17.75 in) Weight 18.5 kg(40.78 lb)
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